Projects can vary from a consultation & redesign of a single room to a full scale interior architectural refurbishment and decoration.  All projects are treated with the same attention to detail, carefully planned and passionately designed.


All projects start with a meeting either at your home or on site, where we discuss what you are looking to achieve.  A full and detailed brief is taken. We will also discuss budget and timescale.


The project will determine if a site survey is carried out at this stage or at the next stage.  A draft layout is produced in response to the brief showing how the space will be designed, furniture layouts and any structural alterations recommended will be shown.
We will produce a draft cost plan of which we will discuss in detail at another meeting after discussing the proposed design.


Once the proposed design has approved a full site survey will be carried out if it has not already been done in the previous stage. All electrical, plumbing and joinery details are now included in detail onto the design drawings and prepared ready for the trade installation / construction.  Upon approval of the detailed design a cost plan is provided and discussed.
Specialist trades could be brought in at this stage depending on the project requirements.


We can either project manage the project or work closely with other specialists.
Regular meetings are held with all key members of the design team usually on site throughout the project development.
In co-ordination with the developer / project manager / builder all items specified or procured are ordered and delivered to site as and when required.
Once all construction and fixed installations are in place, all soft furnishings, window treatments and furniture deliveries are coordinated and put in place.
Artwork and accessories can also be coordinated completing the final look.

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Completed Bedroom wardrobe project